Job Detail

Job Vacancy as a Principal

Job Details

  • Salary GH₵ 5,400 - 6,000
  • Experience5 years
  • Call

Job Vacancy as a Principal

Industry: education

Job Function: research-teaching-training

Job Description

Job Summary

The key responsibility of the principal is to shape the vision of Academic Success for all students by establishing a school wide vision of commitment to high standards and success. As well, the school Principal embodies the mission of the school and articulates the mission for all aspects of the school’s program. In keeping with the school’s mission, the Principal fosters the traditions, relationships, and practices that determine the school’s climate and culture. As the Principal you are also the spokesperson for the school with all its internal and external constituencies including students, parents, staff, alumni, neighbor’s, business community, governmental agencies, educational organizations and accrediting agencies. Though much of the work is properly delegated, you have ultimate and overall responsibility for curriculum and instruction, student life, admission and advancement.

Job Description/Requirements


  • Provide effective leadership in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating the instructional program, technology management, fiscal leadership/management, and school operations.
  • Assist in the mentoring, recruiting, screening, selecting, and assigning of the staff.
  • Supervise, observe, evaluate and train teachers and staff.
  • Interpret data from student assessments, program evaluations, and benchmarking activities to improve and accelerate student learning.
  • Provide a climate of high expectation for staff and students with a focus on learning and results.
  • Lead benchmarking process.
  • Identify day-to-day challenges in the classroom, recognize barriers to program delivery, and collaborate with staff to address these challenges.
  • Communicate and clarify the school’s mission, vision, and goals to stakeholders and others.
  • Ability to evaluate instructional program and teaching effectiveness.
  • Strong communications, public relations, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong focus on improvement of student academic performance.
  • Ability to promote a safe and orderly learning environment


Director Relations: 

  • Together, you and the directors form an equal partnership in running the school, each in their respective spheres of management and governance. As the Principal you will:
  • Keep the directors informed of all matters relating to the school through reports at management meetings and immediate communication following major school events or happenings
  • Provide data to assist the directors in their work.
  • Make recommendations to the directors for approval
  • Seek direction from the directors on new initiatives.
  • Jointly with the directors, set annual goals for your performance.
  • Provide documentation materials for the directors to use in your evaluation



  • Oversee the program of admissions of new students to the school.
  • Present the school to prospective students and parents, which includes systematic and efficient handling of applications and communication with candidates and their parents; interviews with candidates and their parents; arrangements for admissions testing; securing of necessary student credentials; and communicating final decisions to the appropriate individuals.
  • Oversee the admission office and appropriate admissions and marketing materials, mailings and publications.
  • Organize and administer, with the Vice Principal, the Financial Aid Committee, the program for scholarships and financial aid. (Future plan)
  • Evaluate continually and redesign where appropriate all aspects of the admissions and marketing program with the goal of maintaining a capacity enrolment of qualified students.
  • Manage the re-enrolment of current students for the succeeding year.


  • Uphold the academic and ethical standards of the school.
  • Support with recruiting, supervising and evaluating all administrators and teaching staff.Foster professionalism, collegiality, and ethical conduct among staff.
  • Provide for the professional development of staff.
  • Stimulate and participate in the dialog about teaching and learning at the school.
  • Supervise the selection of curricula, class schedules, assessments, graduation requirements, and all aspects of the school’s academic program.
  • Optimize the physical learning environment and technology in all instructional areas.
  • Design school timetables


To Staff 

  • Mentor new teachers, teaching workshops or seminars and observe teachers in the classroom
  • Serve as a chief communicator between the directors and staff
  • Evaluate departmental work through results and classroom performance
  • Set standards of participations and achievement in curriculum development and hands-on learning experiences and enrichment opportunities
  • Help staff design, implement and administer student academic programs, consistent with the school’s values, teaching styles and mission
  • Develop school improvement plan with staff
  • Ensure the availability of adequate resources for the promotion of effective learning
  • Administer discipline to staff when appropriate
  • Identify, assess and address learning and developmental needs of staff and recommend appropriate interventions
  • Monitor staffs's work through professional development and discussion
  • Assign duties and monitor activities of both teaching and non-teaching staff in order to achieve set targets
  • Promote an internal organization that permits transparent, open communication – up and down


To Clients / Student Welfare:

  • Take the necessary steps to include a safe and caring environment that fosters well-being, and maintains respectful and responsible behavior for each student.
  • Interpret the school’s programs and agenda to the public i.e. through newsletters and strive to personify the school
  • Give tours and informational packages to potential staff and students/families.
  • Maintain positive/ constructive relationships between current families and alumni
  • Monitor pupils' progress through exams, reports and the scrutiny of work.
  • Ensure clients suggestions and complaints are addressed to satisfaction.

Student Life:

  • Organize and implement in conjunction with the Vice Principal and coordinators student activities and extracurricular opportunities.
  • Administer the school’s discipline policies and standards of conduct.
  • Supervise the school’s support systems, such as counseling, academic support, before- and after-school programs, college or secondary school counseling, health, and wellness, by proxy.
  • Oversee the school safety programs including building security, emergency procedures, transportation regulations, Acts of God and fire drills, etc.
  • Promote a healthy student culture in and out of school.
  • Optimize all-school gatherings including assemblies, sporting events, performances, etc.
  • Provide for character education and ethical teachings in keeping with the mission of the school.
  • Ensure that the school is ready and prepared to report student progress to parents on a timely and helpful basis.



Qualification Required:

  • Master’s Degree (Educational Administration preferred).
  • Working knowledge of GES and Cambridge curriculum and instruction.
  • Tech-inclined
  • 5-10 Years of experience


Salary: Ghc4000-6000

Location: Lapaz-Kwashieman

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Job Details

  • Salary GH₵ 5,400 - 6,000
  • Experience5 years
  • Call